cannabis background macro close up. (photo credit: INGIMAGE)

The wife of Israel’s prime minister, Sara Netanyahu, addressed the issue of medical cannabis, calling the plant “blessed,” in a video posted in the Facebook group, “We Love Sara Netanyahu” on Friday.

In the nine-minute video, Mrs. Netanyahu sat down to cook vegan Moroccan meatballs with Tal Gilboa, the prime minister’s new adviser on animal affairs.

During the conversation, Gilboa, whilst holding some parsley, asks: “How about [cannabis]?”

“[Cannabis] is a very important thing for sick people, for those who are in pain,” Netanyahu responded.

“There are really people who need [cannabis]… and medical cannabis is something they are blessed with, and I just hope that as many people as possible can get it,” she added.

During the conversation, Mrs. Netanyahu offered a small insight into the prime minister’s diet, telling Bilboa her husband “loves very spicy” food.

In July, Israel’s Health Ministry announced new rules that will make it easier for consumers of medical cannabis to access their medications.

Nevo Shapir/Maariv and Rebecca Araten contributed to this report.

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